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 Dr. Paul Chabot - Military Intelligence Officer, White House Drug Czar Advisor, Law Enforcement Veteran - President and CEO of Chabot Strategies LLC is an Iraq war veteran, senior military officer, and began his military intelligence career in 2001, serving first at the Office of Naval Intelligence, later with the Defense Intelligence Agency, in conjunction with an assignment in the Pentagon working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the National Military Command Center assessing immediate national security threats. In 2008, Paul returned from Iraq where he served as an intelligence officer with Joint Special Operations Forces. Dr. Paul Chabot has spent a lifetime battling evil and devising strategies to tear it apart. He has dissected drug cartels, chased down violent street gang members and fought against terrorism overseas. His extraordinary academic and real-world credentials provided the basis to masterfully craft this one-of-a-kind book.This book takes you to the battlefield where you will learn firsthand the tactics and resilience of evil, and most importantly, how we can fight back and turn the tide for all humanity.